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Sprinkler standards

The British Standards for the design of sprinkler systems in Domestic and Residential Properties is BS 9251:2014.

This is then broken down into different categories

System category

There are 3 categories of system defined by BS 9251:2014, depending on building type, size, and number of sprinklers per room.

Category 1: Suitable for single family dwellings such as individual houses and flats, including small houses in multiple occupations (up to 2 floors and 5 lettable bedrooms). Also for systems serving all residences in blocks of flats up to 18m in height and less than 2400m2

  • Typical volume of stored water 1m3 to 1.5m3

Category 2: Suitable for blocks of flats over 18m in height, larger houses in multiple occupation, sheltered accommodation and small residential care premises (10 residents or less)

  • Typical volume of stored water 3m3 to 4.5m3

Category 3: Hostels and larger residential care premise

  • Typical volume of stored water 6m3 to 9m3

Mist standards

The British Standards for the design of Mist systems in domestic and residential properties is BS8458-1:2015

This would cover properties such as homes, care homes, blocks of flats.

The British Standards for the design of Mist systems in commercial properties is BS8489-1:2016

This would cover properties such as hotels, schools, offices

All the systems designed by Amsco Fire Ltd are covered by one of these British Standards.

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As a leading fire sprinkler company, we provide fire suppression systems such as sprinklers, dry risers, and water mist systems, helping to keep people safe from the risks of fire every day. We have worked on projects for schools, Student accommodation, care homes, high rise properties, offices, public buildings, housing developments, homes, flats, and many more buildings. Our customer service is second to none.

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